“Design” is such an odd topic in the 21st century. In a broad sense, it can mean simply the process by which humans plan to create something. In a more narrow sense, it represents an industry and particular practice that I’ve been a part of for some years now.

This section contains essays on both the wide and narrow sense of the “design” idea.

Design and Neoliberalism

An exploration of how “design” shifted from being a process to an industry over the course of the 20th century, and how it is likely to evolve again in the 21st.

The End of Design

A systems-perspective of “design” as a part of an organization’s processes and an exploration about how a compartmentalized idea of design poisons the system. I also discuss the ways that newer practices alleviate and may end up completely eroding “design” as it is practiced in the early 21st century.






Misc. Essays

These haven’t really been refined and sorted in a little while, but, like I said, this is all a perpetual work in progress:

What is Design?

Are designers promoting bad psychology?