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Models help give structure to the way we, as humans, organize information in the world. Models are like lenses that help us interpret raw data, and different fields prefer different models, often to describe similar processes. To borrow a metaphor from Fredric Laroux, while different researchers subdivide or regroup insights differently – just like Fahrenheit and Celsius recognize, with different labels, that there is a point at which water freezes and another where it boils.

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Design in the early 21st century

This is a series of essays that analyzes the state of “design” in the 21st century organized into sections about where we have been – such as an extended essay on the relationships between Design & Neoliberalism, as well as where the practice will go.

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Design Research

This section outlines a particular group of qualitative research practices practiced by late 20th and early 21st century design practitioners called “Design Research.”

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