Portland, Oregon; Lawrence, Kansas

My first year in college at KU in Lawrence, Kansas, I decided to stay in Hashinger “Hash” Hall: the art-kid dorm. As an industrial design student and somewhat-non-terrible musician, it made sense at the time.


I quickly fell in with a group of rather industrious friends – most majoring in various art topics – that spent time building kayaks, taking apart electronics to source components, and replacing cafeteria informational materials with satirical pamphlets about eating babies.

One common project – thanks to the ingenuity of my friend Halsey – was to drink bottles of Grolsch beer before weaving hemp sleeves so that they could be used as water bottles. With a caribiner, you could attach it to your bag to carry while you biked to class.


While visiting another close friend, recently, in Portland, I came across a Halsey bottle that brought back a rush of memories.


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