Mexico City, Mexico

In the United States, people pay out the nose for “fresh” fruit juice. Brands have learned to market things as “simply” orange juice to combat the aire of artificiality the culture is famous for. Once, at a Starbucks in the US, I accidentally picked up a bottle of juice that ended up costing $6 US.


Mexico is different. Every morning (except Sunday, of course) on every street corner people will sell you a half liter of juice for less than 20 pesos (about $1us).


Like anything that requires customization, getting juice is always a little scary for me. You have to list off the things you want in your juice and what you want the base to be (I always get orange juice as a base, but there are other options like melon).


They blend the mix right in front of you before filling a cup and handing it over. They always make too much, so instruct you to drink a bit of it – once you’re halfway through your glass, hand it back so they can top it off.


One day, some friends and I wanted milkshakes, so we bought a liter of milk at the corner shop, then gave it to the juice guy who blended it with sugar and strawberries – delicious.



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