Mexico City, Mexico

Calle Reforma is one of the largest main avenues in Mexico City – the main channel through the city that stretches down from the old Azteca ruins of Tlateloco past the historic Spanish downtown of Zócalo, through the business districts of Juarez to the south and Cuauhtémoc to the north to the ritzy financial district of Polanco.

Wandering through part of it looking at the enormous Alebrijes that has – a few days before – paraded from Zócalo to the enormous Angel de Independencia statue that sits in the round-about on Reforma.
The smell of popcorn made us hungry, but it wasn’t until we stopped that we whitnessed some more of the amazing ingenuity of Mexican street vendors.
As we covered our popcorn in Valentina sauce, we watched the woman at the stand expertly fill stained pot with corns, pour oil on the top, position it over a mounted blowtorch, and wait.
Our popcorn looked like it came from a movie theater – perfectly popped and delicious – and, admittedly, much more successful that I, personally, tend to have with microwaves.
As we continued down the street, we saw many more with the same set-up. Where do they come from? Do they all know each other, or have they copied the design? Does someone own the shopping carts and hire people to man them? I have no idea.

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