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In them, I use a bit more academic jargon, and try to keep up with why humans understand things they way we do.


...a bit more personal. As I get a bit older, I'm keenly aware of my ignorance in the past and try to predict ways I may be wrong in the present.


Interesting little things I've found in the world - mostly clever ways people have found to solve very pragmatic problems.

A blog devoted to the messy knowledge and human cleverness around us.

When many of us grew up, data, information, knowledge, and wisdom were treated as interchangeable words. It felt as if buried deep in the vaults of some library somewhere, there was a pile of knowledge and the more we learned, the closer we could get toward understanding it all.

Turns out, well, that’s probably wrong.

Instead, faced with an infinitely complex world, our brains have evolved to optimize sorting, organizing, and prioritizing data rather than simple storage. This shifts our mental model from thinking about having simply more data to gathering the right data for a specific situation, and understanding it in a pattern that makes it meaningful to the task at hand.

So even if that library did exist, it would be simply overwhelming without a librarian to ask what you’re looking for and why. Luckily (or by design) our brains are pretty good at this.