Mexico City, Mexico; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Hanoi, Vietnam; Shanghai, China;   Mexico City, in many ways, is a beautiful explosion of color. I’m always impressed by the men and women who sell balloons here. How they expertly weave through the narrow streets – low hanging balconies and powerlines Read more…

Staying Dry

A shot of my back “yard” in my Mexico City apartment. During some seasons, it rains every day in the evening. My roommate, who has been living here over a decade, knows how to mind the gap when she hangs her laundry. Snippets  

Salvadorean Buses

San Salvador, El Salvador I may know that I’ve arrived in El Salvador when the smiling airport staff sticks the visa in my passport, but it doesn’t feel like El Salvador until we hit the road into the city. This is where the buses are. Privately owned, the buses of Read more…

Healthy Hexagons

In 2014, as MedicSana was still in the “coffee-shop” phase of early start-ups, Pablo Bucio designed a blue hexagonal logo. We used blue, a nice soothing (though extremely generic) healthcare color, but the box shape was more of a nod to the “box” aspect of our value proposition. The original Read more…

Shopping Lists

Leave it to the designers to use post-its for everything. A close friend of mine who lives in Austin keeps track of her grocery shopping list with post-its on the fridge (in both English and Chinese).